serena. 21. italy. the question is: do you have a leather jacket?


no mascara, light-eyed, feeling like the oldest child in the world. make peace with your mother, wait with your friends for their turn, make sure they know that you care. no touching, make him understand how hard you have learned to love. return all lent books, cup the elbow of somebody who once wished to know you better, skip your fourth coffee. spend two hours and half cooking lunch for your kid sister. say please when you’re the one who’s being asked. be firm in your kindness.

Track: You Should Know Where I'm Coming From
Artist: BANKS
Album: Goddess
Plays: 24


you should know where i’m coming from || banks (+)

you ought to know where i’m coming from
how i was alone when i burned my home
and all of the pieces were torn and thrown
you should know where i’m coming from